Schwabe India – No. 1 Homeopathic Medicine Listed in India

Schwabe India has the best German homeopathy medicines for your diseases like generics, single remedies, bio-chemic/combinations, as well as specialties. Schwabe India offers a wide product range as follows: - Close to 500 mother tinctures - More than 1100 dilutions in different potency levels - 96 drugs in different LM potency - 80 Low Attenuation Trituration Tablets - All 12 biochemical medicines in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x and 200x in 20 gm and 550 gm packs - 28 internationally established Biocombinations and Five Phos 3x & 6x in 20 gm and 550 gm packs - Alfalfa Tonic for general weakness, nervous tension, and stress - Alfalfa Tonic for Diabetics - Alfalfa Tonic for Children _ Alpha range for day-to-day common ailments - Pentarkan range of products for the management of complex problems - Kindi range, specially formulated for common day-to-day ailments in children - Topi range of topical creams/gels for common day-to-day problems - 1x tablets range for lifestyle ailments - Other Specialities range for problems like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, menopause etc. For More Info, Visit at: Website