Saubhagya Shunthi Pak - God gifted mental and physical booster

Quantity :- 500gms. Benefits :- Lord shiva and Lord brahma enumerated the benefits of this pak infront of parvatidevi and rushi Narad respectively. It inceases strength, glow, memory, beauty and fortune. It is specially useful after delivery increasing lactation and for avoiding puerpural disorders. It cures 80 types of vataj disorders, 40 types of pittaj disorders and 20 types of kaphaj disorders. Thereby Useful in T.B., anaemia, cough, dyspnoea, weak digestive power, sprue, molar pregnancy (Raktagulma), leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, somrog, loss of milk secretion, dysuria, jaundice, neck rigidity and all pittaj, vatpittaj and puerpural women’s vata disorders etc. Main Ingredients :- Saffaron(Keshar), Shilajit, Loha bhasma, Zinziber officinale(sunthi), cow’s ghee, cow’s milk, Bacopa monieri(brahmi),Asparagus racemosus(shatavari) etc. For details and buy visit : Mob: 9228776780 Website